🌠Summer Stargazing

Hey there friend,

What is something you must do every summer? For me, camping out is an absolute must in order for us to say we had a great summer. This past weekend we took advantage of cooler temps and less humidity and camped with our kiddos here on our property. We stayed up late around the firepit, which our twins built a couple years ago. We made smores both in the morning and at night, laughing when the marshmallows fell in or caught fire, and played many games of Uno under the stars.

What I love most about backyard camping is when the sun has set, and the stars begin to appear one- by- one. They create that feeling of nostalgia I have from stargazing on the top of the houseboat when I was a kid. I watch hopeful that I’ll see a shooting star but am always content with the constellations that take shape. These stars are not only the perfect backdrop to a summer night camping, but a reminder to look up.

I invite you to:

Look up and take note of the beauty that exists when light isn’t being cast down.

Look up and be reminded of your childhood memories of late summer nights.

Look up and create moments with those you love so they too will hold a starry summer night dear to their heart.


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God + Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Grounded in the Middle.

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