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Hey there, friend!

I couldn’t end this week without dropping into your inbox and saying hello.

The past two weeks, our family was caught off guard by the unexpected loss of my mother-in-law. While we continue to navigate unchartered waters, I found myself really missing this community. I can’t thank you enough for choosing to subscribe or drop in on the website. It is good to be back in the middle with you.

Today I was a guest on the podcast, The Best Part of Waking Up…Is Waking Up with Dawn Kendrick. Our conversation was centered around comparison and how hard it is to be in an unfamiliar place in life that you never thought you’d be in and the difficulties with not looking around at those around you and comparing ourselves or wanting to have what they have. This conversation was all because of an email that arrived in Dawn’s inbox yesterday from author, Bianca Olthoff, and we decided more people needed to hear they aren’t alone in the world of comparison.

From my conversation with Dawn, one of my favorite take-aways is from Bianca’s most recent book, Grit Don’t Quit, is when she wrote, “We may not know the why, but we must trust the who.” You see, God sometimes has to reposition us in our life so that we can be where He needs us to do His work. But until we relinquish the strong hold of comparison, we won’t know of the work He is trying to do through us, and we will never find contentment.

We may not know the why,
but we must trust the who.

 Bianca Olthoff, Grit Don’t Quit

And my friends, It’s not easy work. Do you ever find it is easier to give support and encouragement to those around you? The window or lens that we sometimes view other’s lives from seems to be completely transparent. But when it comes to looking within yourself the view is opaque. It is hard work digging deep within us. It is even harder to ask ourselves “Why?”

Why do I feel this way?

Why do I react this way?

Why do I think that?

So much of our happiness lies within us. Yes, we have experiences that have shaped us, wrecked us, turned our world upside down, and left us in the valley. But it doesn’t have to define who you are. Those experiences are merely the middle of your story. The story that is being written every day. You get to determine how long and drawn out those chapters are in the valley. You just have to trust that it is all being used for good and for His plan.

I hope you will tune in below and send me your take-aways! I’d love to hear them.

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