Five years ago, my husband and I along with our three children packed up our new build in suburbia and we moved to the country in hopes of finding a more simple and more less distracted life. For me, I was in a way returning to my roots, as I grew up in the country, but what I didn’t know was that I had been led out to the “middle” of nowhere where I’d gain confidence through leaning into new experiences and would transform how I see the world through the restoration of our 1837 farmhouse and in our homesteading endeavors.

Want to become rooted in living your best life?

Tune in now for a quick pick-me-up as I share stories and lessons I’ve learned through living in the middle (of nowhere) where we are restoring our home 1837 home and stepping into new homesteading experiences which have revealed and contributed to a more purposeful life.

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Johnny + Christina Cison-What it's like to go against the grain. Grounded in the Middle.

Have you ever heard of the Old House community? If you aren't familiar, there is a large social media community who own or just love old houses and every day they gather around the world to chat about their experiences and share what they've learned about restoring and living in their old house. In today's episode, you're going to get to meet Johnny and Christian from the account @ourcornerofcurrituck and who were also one of my first old house friends when we moved out here to the middle. They are opening up today on why they chose to leave suburbia and their new build home for old house life and homesteading. Connect with me on social media @farmhousestoryteller Have a question or want to be on the show? Email me at thefederalfarmhouse@gmail.com  — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/danielle-foulk/support
  1. Johnny + Christina Cison-What it's like to go against the grain.
  2. Being a Light in the World
  3. Invincible Joy with Author Oliver Asher
  4. Restoration: Becoming who you need to be today so you can be who you need to be for tomorrow.
  5. Have you ever accounted for the guideposts in your life?