What really happens out here in the middle.

How many things have you thought about starting and never did? I used to write on a blog I had when I was on bedrest in the hospital with our twins but then I got caught up in all the “blogger rules” out there and then eventually just stopped when I felt like I couldn’t do it “right.”

I’m at the point in which I am ready to get back to writing without worrying about the rules. I won’t be giving myself hard deadlines of posting so many times a month on a certain day. I will edit, but expect there to be some errors since often times, like now, I’m writing on the fly and have a ton of background noise that consists of a rooster crowing, dryer running, and the boys just at their wits end with one another. I assure you I can in fact spell and use appropriate punctuation, it just may be lacking depending on the day.

I feel like I’m trying to climb a mountain around here anymore with obstacles left and right trying to accomplish something I want to do that doesn’t cost money and brings me the most joy- writing. When I write it’s usually because I’ve had an “ah ha!” moment, God taught me a lesson that I think anyone could learn from-believer or not, and sometimes I write just to account for what happened during a “slow” day around here so that when I’m 90 and sitting on the front porch here in a rocking chair watching our grandkids play in the front yard, I just might have a way to reminisce of the ” good old days” when our children did the same thing. I assure you whatever it is I share with you, will be genuine, sometimes inspiring, and maybe on occasion thought provoking. I will certainly share the highs and lows of old house/country living which usually ends in a laugh or a lesson. I hope you’ll keep me company through these innerwebs as I embark for like the fourth time in blogging. But please don’t refer to me as a “blogger” in your mind. I prefer “Farmhouse Storyteller.”

If you ventured over here from Instagram-thank you! This is definitely going to be a more relaxed platform for me to share with you what really is going on out here in the middle and I think you just may find we often times are just hanging on versus my neat and organized squares on the gram- which often times is my way of feeling like I have my stuff together, ha! Drop me a line in the comments, send me an email, or message me to let me know you found me over here.

To clear one thing up before I go for now, just in case you don’t know, I refer to us living in “the middle” as in we live in the middle of nowhere. It’s not complicated or even a secret code as some think. I just like to keep things simple these days.

Love from the middle,


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