Enjoy the Journey

It’s officially Spring out here in the middle and we have been soaking up the warm and longer days as much as we possibly can. We have been busy working on outside projects such as servicing the tractor and other items needed for keeping the property tamed, building my farm stand, and raising chicks all while trying to tackle one of the most difficult and oldest bedrooms in our home. We never lack a project needing tackled, but we knew moving to this old house we were entering ourselves into a marathon not a sprint.

When we moved to the country, our life was already pretty fast paced. We were determined to slow down but found once moving here we were working some pretty long days. We were in a hurry to make things as comfortable as possible while facing the inevitable challenges of a 180 year old house. We kept that pace up until we were forced to stop. Literally.

Aaron, my husband, had to have an unexpected back surgery within the first 9 months of moving in here and when he woke he couldn’t walk. While he recovered, house projects came to a halt and I learned a few new things like how to operate the tractor to cut fields, work on a lawn mower, and tackle some smaller projects with a little guidance. It was a juggling act that eventually tapered off and from it all, taught me the importance of finding balance.

While I feel I am more cognizant of the way I spend my time, I find myself ultimately gravitating towards the busy. For example, last year this time, I was contacted by a producer in regards to a potential show for the Magnolia Network. While our house wasn’t “bad” enough for the show pitch idea (ha!), I realized it was likely a path that wasn’t aligned with the lesson we had just endured. Then later in the year I was contacted again in regards to another show opportunity, but again, it wasn’t a good fit and looking back, it would have once again pulled us into a direction that we weren’t ready for yet. It wasn’t the right time in the journey we’re on.

I think it’s interesting how so many of us have begun to seek out getting back to the basics, slowing down, and savoring the small moments (what a great thing!). It’s as if we all have began to feel a bit over connected through technology and are discovering the need of actual quality interactions with one another. The trick though is figuring out how to balance the two worlds in which we live and deciding who we want to be in them and what will leave us feeling the most fulfilled at the end of the day.

While I still feel I’m navigating through the waters, I know that by trying, each day can be even better than the next….and doing the best we can every day is better than not trying at all.

Love from the middle.


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