Farmhouse Manifesto

I  believe that old homes are worth saving, that preservation of the quarks are just as important as the mantles and floors. That squeaks and creaks are a reminder of the those who walked on the floors and opened the doors before us. I believe that while old homes may cause stress, they can equally bring you a sense of peace as they have weathered more time here than us.  I believe old homes keep us grounded. They remind us that with beauty also comes flaws; but those flaws are what makes us feel at home. 

I believe old homes can bring us out of our comfort zones and facilitate new and unexpected friendships. I believe old homes can teach us about the past through what has been left behind. I believe old homes can help us discover who we truly are and what is important to us. I believe old homes provide a concrete reminder of those who came and settled before us and that those families and their stories are what makes up the fabric of early American history.  I believe uncovering the history of an old home breathes life back into it.  I believe old homes have a way of reaching us in ways humans cannot and that old homes can teach us some of the most valuable lessons in life.

I believe a life lived in an old home is a life well spent.

~Danielle, Farmhouse Storyteller

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