So Long, Normal

Closing Day January 2018

Moving out here to the middle (of nowhere) four years ago was something I never questioned. I knew that beyond a shadow of a doubt and as absurd as it seemed to move from suburbia to the country the day before a big snowstorm, it was where we were meant to be. Had I known we would be met with some life changing experiences in addition to fixing up an old house, I’m certain I would have dug my heels in and rejected the idea that myself, along with my family, could live a more purposeful and meaningful life.

To be completely honest with you, this time of year has become very difficult for me as it marks a pivotal time when our life was tossed upside down. Seven months after moving into our farmhouse, my husband suddenly had a back injury that led to an emergency surgery. When he woke, the routine surgery that had over all gone well, left him paralyzed from the waist down. This event shook me in a way I never expected, it leaves me breathless to this day and I still wrestle with why there is still a lingering sadness when he has nearly fully recovered. Now, looking in the rearview, I realize when we moved to the middle, the plan was not for an easier life yet a more purposeful life that would require us to run head on into the storms and say, “So Long, Normal!”

No different than anything else, Laura Story’s book So Long, Normal found it’s way to me and has provided insight I lacked before in my previous journeys. It has been extremely helpful to me in processing these past four years and how our role is to “simply take the next step in front of us, asking God to turn any disappointed expectations into a greater expectation of what he will do in and through us.”

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I guarantee So Long, Normal will reach you in a way you never expected. It will leave you with a weight lifted and with a change in perspective that is a gift in its own.

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