Is your house haunted?

I’ve been asked directly and in round about ways if our home is “haunted.” For some reason the word “haunted” seems dark and unfriendly and this home is certainly opposite from that. Many of the Wehr family members were born in our home and came back at an older age where they did pass away here based on what I have read in local texts about the family. It was very common to for the elderly to return home and be cared for by their family as there were not assisted living/retirement facilitates back then. There have been past residents of the home that mentioned experiences with hearing things around the house and property, such as clanging buckets and seeing a man inside the home. Those old stories were shared with me after I reached out to the past residents because of a few experiences we had after shortly moving in.

After first moving in, Landen came and got me one morning. He said he was in his bedroom by the door getting dressed and across the hall he saw a shadow move inside the room and disappeared somewhere in the boxes. He asked me to look for the shadow because he couldn’t find it. I asked him what the shadow looked like as we moved between the stack of boxes and he said it was a tall person. Landen mentioned the “shadow” throughout the day but then never mentioned it again.

Months later in the late spring/early summer, we were outside on the screened-in porch one
Saturday morning. Landen was sitting on the love seat that faced into the kitchen and I was sitting in a chair facing Landen. I just so happened to look at Landen and I saw him looking through the glass door into the kitchen and his eyes grew really wide and then he looked kinda oddly. He then looked at me and said, “Mom there was a shadow running through the kitchen and he disappeared.” We went and looked and sure enough, no shadow.

Most recently, Landen and Caroline were playing in the yard and found themselves a cozy spot under a tree where the Wehr family cemetery is/was.  They laid down there for awhile chatting and Landen came running up with Caroline in tow to where Aaron and I were working. Landen asked me if Parker was awake from his nap and I said, “No, why do you ask?” He then said that they both heard a voice like Parker’s that said, “Mom.” I had them look up the road to see if the neighbor kids were out and they weren’t and insisted the voice was near the tree.

Things that make you go, “Hmmm?”

Aaron hasn’t had any experiences with anything unusual in and around the house. I on the other hand have sworn up and down several times that someone was on the stairs and when I went to look for the twins  to be out of bed or Parker sneaking upstairs to play, there was nobody.  Another time when the kiddos were home and playing in the playroom I thought I heard a mans voice in the house. I kept pausing the T.V and got up to see if another T.V was on or the kids were on their tablet…there was nothing.

On another occasion I had spent a morning up stairs reading in my sitting room while the kiddos were in their playroom.  When I went into my room on the second day I found a coin sitting on my couch from when I was little that I had received from my Sunday school teacher. I hadn’t seen this coin in probably  20+ years and all of the sudden it was sitting right in front of me. On the coin is the message about carrying a cross in your pocket and remembering that you’re a christian.
I didn’t think much of it at the time, but on the third day of going up to read I found a little laminated card that I know I haven’t seen since about 2001.  On this card there was a cross and in the middle of the cross was a mustard seed. The scripture that surrounded it was Matthew 17:20, “Truly I tell you if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there” and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” I’m not sure how those little tokens found their way out of wherever they have been stored for the past 15 +years, but it was certainly something out of the norm and at the time was a reminder I needed.

While this may seem to be a stretch for some, as well as for me, I often find pennies in the most odd places.  Have you ever heard of “Pennies from Heaven.” Some people believe that if you find a penny it means you’re being valued by others or that spirits are trying to communicate with you. Whether or not that holds any truth, I can say that I have found pennies in and around the house…now I only need those spirits to provide me with about 100 million cents to really fix this place up!

So if you have been curious of whether or not our home is haunted, you can make your own conclusions from the unusual occurrences.  We don’t think to much of any of it, but must say when our children have approached us in the most honest way and recount what they have heard or seen, it really makes you stop and wonder.


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