Don’t wish you would have.

How many of you are noticing signs of spring? Ove the past five years of living out here in the middle, I’ve tuned in a bit more each year to the change of seasons and over the past week and a half, I have noticed the earliest signs of spring. We’ve woke to geese on the pond, many squirrels bounding through the yard and up our walnut and maple trees, we’ve heard the woodpeckers and seen our front yard dotted with robins, but my most favorite sign of all are the bright green tips of our flowers peeking through the mulch in the flower beds.

But this year, Spring is a bit more special to me and I still feel a deep gratitude towards those who let us return to suburbia to collect something I had left behind. Tune in to learn what that something is! 

Welcome to the middle! Grounded in the Middle.

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