Farm to Fork to Love

Hi friends!

I don’t know about you, but it’s a cool spring day here in the middle and we are going to be warming up with some really good local Chinese food up on Miami University’s campus and then coming back home to curl up on this Friday night to our favorite shows.


I have completely forgot to tell you the BIG news out here in the middle! We finally were able to cancel cable and can stream shows now thanks to getting better internet! The phone company sent a technician out who was really knowledgeable and realized that all the load boxes that had been taken off 20 years ago was still on because no one had had cable here before. These boxes can be buried under ground or on telephone poles and the technician luckily found the box down the road on a pole that had been keeping us from their service. While we are SUPER happy to be connected now, we only wish we would have known about this pesky little box we’ve been driving by for the last five years ago.

Regardless, we’re happy we will no longer have to look at a dish in the yard that only came with limited data that would be depleted within a day. It won’t matter if it’s sunny, raining, windy, or snowing- our internet will still be working. But most of all, there will be no more complaints from the kiddos of not being able to download games or hearing the complaints of missing out on the latest Disney movie that was just released to ONLY Disney+ (and always followed with an eye roll or extreme look of disappointment-ha!). I would have never thought our kiddos would experience the excitement of getting the internet like when I was a kid but leave it to the country to give them that experience-he he he!

Watch Farm to Fork to Love on Netflix, Pureflix, Amazon Prime, and for free on Tubi!

Anyhoo! With our newly connected internet we’re now able to stream movies! Ya’ll have no idea (At least I hope you don’t) what a treat it feels like getting to watch the latest shows and movies and no longer feel like we’re missing out on all the good stuff!

This past weekend, Aaron and I spent our Friday night curled up in our living room with some wine and watched Farm to Fork to Love starring Meggan Kaiser and Scot Cooper. The movie is about a talented chef, Alice, who works as the sous-chef for her boyfriend in his successful restaurant in New York but finds herself reconnecting with her former boyfriend while judging a food competition for a prestigious annual fundraiser. You can watch Farm to Fork to Love on Netflix, Pureflix, Amazon Prime, or for free on Tubi to see what unfolds in this adorable romantic comedy!

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