This Week on the Podcast- Being Open to Advice

Have you ever had someone share some advice to you that you hadn’t solicited?

It’s not always easy having others point things out to us as adults but if we take the time to listen rather than respond immediately, we can sometimes learn something about ourselves and maybe even slightly change. On today’s podcast I’m gonna share with you how a simple Thomas Rhett song shifted my perspective.

About the Podcast

Hi there! I’m Danielle Foulk. Former kindergarten teacher turned Principal Wayfinder, Writer, Storyteller, and Founder of Farmhouse Storyteller and the Grounded in the Middle podcast which serves as a medium to inspire others on their own unique routes to living a more purposeful and curious life.

Inspired by our 185 year-old-farmhouse, as well as the antiquity of storytelling, I launched the Grounded in the Middle podcast in the summer of 2021 where I candidly share the wayfinding experiences that orient myself on this unknown path of living outside of societies prescribed life. It is my sincere hope listeners will be awaken to the life that is waiting to be lived.

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