“Did you know your home was part of the Underground Railroad?”

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Did you know this month is International Underground Railroad month? In 2019, Maryland and Michigan were the first to declare this month a holiday because it was the month two of the most well-known freedom seekers of the Underground Railroad, Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman, escaped from slavery. While there are some well-known people who were brave trailblazers during such a dark time in history, it was more common for those involved in the Underground Railroad to have kept it a secret because it was dangerous work aiding freedom seekers.

When we first moved to our farmhouse in 2018, locals mentioned to us our home was a station on the Underground Railroad which naturally led me to digging into the history of not only our home but also the small farming community. Since beginning my research, I have uncovered our township was in fact an active part of the Underground Railroad through church congregations that were led by staunch abolitionists as well as locals who participated in abolitionist groups. And wouldn’t you know these activists were tied to those who lived in our home.

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