Preserving the Past, One Brush Stroke at a Time

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I’m excited to share someone with you today, who I consider to be, a best kept secret! If you have an appreciation for historic buildings and old homes, I have a feeling you will likely be distracted later today looking over the impeccable work of Andrea Snyder, owner of White Dog Art Design. Ever since coming across White Dog Art Design on Instagram I have not only been able to give some incredible gifts and gorgeous Christmas cards, but I have been able to have this glimpse of time of living in our historic home captured in detail by Andrea. Her love of historic structures married with natural talent are a gift to the old homes and buildings in which she so carefully depicts one brush stroke at a time. I hope you will enjoy this opportunity to meet and connect with Andrea.


About Andrea

I am a self-taught watercolor artist. I started learning watercolors in 2019 but have been drawing and designing for my entire life. While learning watercolors, I found myself drawn to painting historic homes and architecture (I earned a degree in interior design and architectural studies in college). Historic structures have always been a passion for me; even as a little girl, I would get upset when an old house or building would be demolished in my town. I always dreamed of living in a historic house, but that hasn’t happened…yet! Now, I try to use the paintings I create to draw attention to the importance of these places—either to help save them from demolition, or to highlight their beauty and/or importance.

I have even been asked to use my artwork for fundraising efforts by historic sites. In addition to fundraising, I offer commissions of home portraits that can also be made into greeting cards or ornaments. We are going to be moving from Ohio to Texas at the beginning of November, so ordering this year is a little tricky, but I’m accepting a limited number of Christmas card orders and house portrait commissions until October 15 and ornament orders up to October 21. After we get settled and I unpack my art supplies, I’ll accept commissions again—most likely mid-November.

Ways to shop

You can find more information on ordering by visiting my website,, or my Etsy shop, You can also find updates on my Instagram page @whitedogartdesign and on Facebook at

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