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Did you by chance mow this past weekend? It was a first for me to do in NOVEMBER! So, while I mowed I Iistened to a Christmas playlist which is something I never do until the day after Thanksgiving. But as we near the end of 2023, I have begun to reflect and become more comfortable with the unexpected rather than the norm, if you will. I have found myself a little more malleable than ever before and I know the seasons previous to the current are responsible for the ability to do so.

But that doesn’t make this year, or this season any easier. Have you found yourself in this kind of middle before? Where some days you find it hard to breathe, others pass by quickly, and sometimes the days linger, and you find yourself engulfed in the simplicity of the here and now?

The coexistence of tough times and good experiences isn’t contradictory—it’s a representation of life’s complexity. In other words, life is a mix of hard and good times. Even when we’re sad, good things still happen. Feeling good doesn’t make the sadness less important. It’s about respecting that life has many different parts. It’s important to give ourselves permission to feel and express the full range of emotions without judgment. Finding gratitude in the midst of loss can provide a beacon of light in the darkness, helping us move through grief without denying its impact.

This month begins a time of celebration but for many are a season of difficult firsts. The first time a seat that was once filled with boisterous laughs is empty, when a tradition led by the family matriarch is now a void to be filled, or when you can’t return to a home that held not only memories but the essence of the holidays.

As our family enters into this holiday season, we find ourselves in a place much different than last. We have lost not one but a few family members who will be missing around the table. I share in hopes that as you enter this holiday season, you may enter it with hope and compassion for others who may not seem to be in the “spirit.” That you may whisper a prayer and have grace when you encounter someone who appears to lack the spirit. For some, are experiencing the holidays a lot differently than others in years past.

As you enter this season over this month, I hope this season you will find yourself open to meeting people in the middle.


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