Finding Belonging Through Rekindling the Past

Learn how our how our 184-year-old historic home has drawn descendants back to their family home, and how through it all we have found meaning, peace, authenticity, and belonging.

A Host to One of America’s Founding Fathers.

Before America was a country, this gorgeous 1745 colonial home was established in Mystic, Connecticut. Find out what tangible piece of the home’s history was passed down and which founding father stayed here!

Farmhouse Manifesto

Watch or read the farmhouse manifesto that fuels the desire to connect and share the stories of home.


Find out what Benjamin and Jordan Crossman found in their nearly 250 year-old home’s wall!

Why Old Homes Matter

Old house love. The appreciation for what the trailblazers of days long ago left behind to us. Why this unique cohort of people find it important to save the dwindling number of old houses from as early as the 1700’s.