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Can you believe we are already a week into November? I’m not sure about you, but this past weekend Southwest Ohio experienced high winds and unseasonably warm temperatures. You certainly won’t catch us complaining about warm temperatures in November! It made tackling some of those last-minute projects we’ve been working on absolutely enjoyable. We were able to finish up our side porch project, which we replaced with new concrete steps and handrails, and we made one last trip up to the garden to dig out sweet potatoes that I might have forgotten were still up there (oops!), and we tidied up the coop and freshened up the chicken run with straw. Let me tell you-the hens love to bury themselves in it!

The homestead is currently having its back box gutter rebuilt and is the last of any kind of big exterior projects when it comes to the roof and chimneys which have all been completed since moving in. As you probably know, those areas are crucial to preserving the homestead for years to come and come with a big price tag which means all the fun pretty expenses have to wait, however, I have found in this journey of being a steward to an old home, life gets sweeter in the middle-even if it’s a bit chaotic and uncomfortable. Those experiences, which I’m sure you too have encountered, are ones that help strengthen our roots and prepare us for the seasons ahead.

If you have ever found yourself in a season of vulnerability or if you are currently wading in waters that seem to only be getting deeper, I want to share with you the latest book I’m reading, Invincible Joy by Oliver L. Asher. I have no doubt that you will not only find yourself in Oliver’s book, but you will be guided to see the invincible joy in your story. Below is Oliver’s description of his book, but what I hope you will do is watch the video below learn about where his life story began. I guaranteed you will be moved by what he has to share with you.

“I’m not an extraordinary person. I came from next to nothing, from almost nowhere. But God had a plan and a purpose for my life. He picked me up from where I was and took me places I could never have expected to go. He invited me to join him in chasing his God-sized dreams for the world. And that is where I found invincible joy. You may have the same story. Or at least you can, and I hope you will. That’s what this book is for. I pray you will benefit from my story as you follow the Lord on your own adventure from where you came to where he wants to take you. I believe, as the Lord leads, you will end up with a stronger sense of God’s purpose for your life and your place in his plan for the world. That’s where you can find invincible joy too. ” – Oliver L. Asher

You can find Oliver’s book on Amazon where it’s been rated a #1 release in “Christian Missions & Missionary Work.”

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Link2Us Magazine published their Fall ’22 issue and it includes an article I wrote titled, Reawakening Traditions at the Homestead. While my article will give you a peek into our holiday traditions, you will also learn of the traditions that came before us! You can request a digital copy here or you can pick up a copy at your local Barnes and Nobles, Kroger, Books a Million, Fred Meyers stores, Albertsons, Hyvee, Kmart, and Amazon.

In addition, you can also read another article I wrote, Restoration in the Farmhouse, about how we found our way out here to the country on Make Me Available which is a website out of London, England. You can click here to read.

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