A Snowy Weekend in the Middle

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Did you have a good weekend? I hope you found some time to relax doing something you enjoyed. I often times find it difficult being idle and rest for me often times looks like doing something that is different from what I do during the week. Sometimes that is doing something creative, getting a chore tackled, or helping my husband on a project around the house. However, this weekend was one that I really took things slow and enjoyed some time watching some tv, doing a little reading, and enjoying a lot of time around the fire because wouldn’t you know we woke up to a wonderful surprise on Saturday morning that made it really easy to stay in and relax-Snow!

Blizzard channeling his inner dog 🙂

The snow was heavy for most the morning and part of the afternoon, leaving us with a beautiful blanket that was of eventually full of tracks and sled marks from our kiddos. I always love looking out the kitchen window to see all the branches of the trees with snow outlining them making them the standout more than they ever do. I have to admit, it kind of made me get a little bit excited for decorating for Christmas, but those boxes will have to wait until after we host Thanksgiving Day. Then we will spend the following weekend decking the halls around the homestead in our pajamas and listening to our favorite Christmas music and movies.

Do you purchase special pj’s for this time of year?

I have always purchased special Christmas pj’s to give to our children for the day after Thanksgiving when we gather around the tree and watch Home Alone. This year, I was introduced to Holy Pals Pajamas, and they are by far the best quality pajamas that are so soft and stretchy. The pajamas come in an array of prints which are focused on keeping Jesus the reason for the season. Stitched on the right arm of all their pajamas is a small label with the Bible passage the pajama is displaying and is a reminder to the child and the parents if they’d like to look up the story and read it together.

Another perk to these sweet pj’s is they are available for the entire family and when you purchase, each purchase goes towards sending PJs to the children of The Littlest Lamb Orphanage. You can visit this link to shop and can use code DANIELLE10 to save 10% on your order.

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Link2Us Magazine published their Fall ’22 issue and it includes an article I wrote titled, Reawakening Traditions at the Homestead. While my article will give you a peek into our holiday traditions, you will also learn of the traditions that came before us! You can request a digital copy here or you can pick up a copy at your local Barnes and Nobles, Kroger, Books a Million, Fred Meyers stores, Albertsons, Hyvee, Kmart, and Amazon.

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