Christmas Time in the Middle

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It’s a busy time out here in the country! Our sweet little town had its first community tree lighting. As a member of our local Good Neighbor group and as a board member of our historical society, we collaborated in decorating the museum, prepared “Santa’s Workshop” where families came to visit Santa and his elf, and enjoyed hot cocoa and cookies. It was a beautiful night, and I must say, it felt incredibly good to see everyone take time out of their busy December schedule to be together. It’s my hope this will become a standing tradition in our community for many years to come.

This past week, I had the opportunity to interview author Oliver Asher on my podcast, Grounded in the Middle, who has a new book out titled, Invincible Joy. When I picked up his book and read the introduction, I was floored at the life he has experienced and how the circumstances and struggles that he endured led him to a life full of happiness that is undeniably God’s work. His story is proof that it’s worth hanging onto hope. You can scroll down and find where you can listen in to his story and if you’d like to purchase your own copy of his book you can click here.

I was invited to be on The Good Stuff with my friend Dawn Kendrick. Dawn and I met through a tweet that Chip Gaine’s had posted during the pandemic. For the first year of our friendship, we chatted over the phone and have since welcomed her here to the middle a couple of times. On her most recent visit just a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to join The Good Stuff team. I’ll be working alongside her remotely to help others discover The Good Stuff stories in which she features on her live streaming shows on Facebook and YouTube and in the new year they’ll be available on The Good Stuff podcast show. Dawn and I caught up this past week on her show and I’ve included the interview below for you to watch if you’re interested. Be sure to follow The Good Stuff page as well. I know it will be a place of uplifting and inspiring stories that you just may find a part of yourself in.

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Grounded in the Middle podcast- Rewind

If you’re on the go this week, you can tune into this week’s latest episode on Grounded in the Middle podcast.

I’m joined this week I’m chatting with author Oliver Asher, about his new book Invincible Joy. Oliver came out of deep poverty and brokenness to become a Division I scholarship athlete, an engineer, and the leader of a nonprofit organization working in more than 100 countries. Above all, he rejoices in God’s grace and in the beautiful gift of his growing family. His goal is to encourage and equip others with wisdom so they can pursue God, chase God’s dreams for their life, and discover Invincible Joy.

After listening in, I know you will be inspired by Oliver’s transparency and sincerity. He is truly proof of God’s existence and his great promises.

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Where to read my latest work

This past week Link2Us Magazine published their Fall ’22 issue and it includes an article I wrote titled, Reawakening Traditions at the Homestead. While my article will give you a peek into our holiday traditions, you will also learn of the traditions that came before us! You can request a digital copy here or you can pick up a copy at your local Barnes and Nobles, Kroger, Books a Million, Fred Meyers stores, Albertsons, Hyvee, Kmart, and Amazon.

In addition, you can also read another article I wrote, Restoration in the Farmhouse, about how we found our way out here to the country on Make Me Available which is a website out of London, England. You can click here to read.

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