Wishing you a week of wandering

Hey there friend!

How are you? Are you ready for this coming weekend or are you still working down your to-do list? I’m also kind of wondering if you are feeling the same about the holiday or have you lost a bit of that “jingle” in your step? As you may find yourself feeling a bit down to the wire this week, I want to encourage you to take some time to wander.

Yes. Wander.

I know what you’re thinking because I’m honestly thinking it myself. There is hardly time to accomplish the to-do list let alone wander. But I’m not asking you to take off for the woods. You see, one thing country living has taught me is it’s in the simplest moments where the greatest joys can be found.

What I’m asking you to consider doing this week is simply be mindful of slowing your pace as you work through all you need to accomplish. This may look like picking up take-out for dinner so that you have a bit more time shopping. Or rising a half hour earlier so you can have some quiet time around your Christmas tree allowing some time to reminisce or to simply take in the beauty of the season.

However you choose to wander this week, it’s my sincerest hope you will be filled with the hope and joy this season holds and that you will be able to carry it with you for many weeks to come.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


P.S. You can tune in to the Farmhouse Storyteller playlist and listen in to our favorite Christmas songs this week!

Farmhouse Storyteller Playlist

If you’d like to tune in to what I’m listening to out here in the middle, you can join me on Spotify where I have a playlist titled, Farmhouse Storyteller. You can easily find the station by directly clicking play to the right or searching for Farmhouse Storyteller on the Spotify app.

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Where to read my latest work

This past week Link2Us Magazine published their Fall ’22 issue and it includes an article I wrote titled, Reawakening Traditions at the Homestead. While my article will give you a peek into our holiday traditions, you will also learn of the traditions that came before us! You can request a digital copy here or you can pick up a copy at your local Barnes and Nobles, Kroger, Books a Million, Fred Meyers stores, Albertsons, Hyvee, Kmart, and Amazon.

In addition, you can also read another article I wrote, Restoration in the Farmhouse, about how we found our way out here to the country on Make Me Available which is a website out of London, England. You can click here to read.

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