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If you missed joining this month’s snail mail recipe exchange, no worries! You can simply email me at danielle@farmhousestoryteller.com with your name and mailing address and I will be happy to put you on the list for next month’s exchange.

Inspiration behind the exchange. Gathering around the table with those we love offers us the unique opportunity to share of those who came long before us through preparing recipes that have been passed down from family members from one generation to the next. I want to invite you to the table and have you share a family recipe + brief story, if there perhaps is one, through the Farmhouse Storyteller Recipe Exchange.

How the recipe exchange works. You will choose a recipe of your choice. I encourage you to neatly handwrite your recipe (like the old days) and a note to say hello and share about the recipe you are sending. The note you include could share about yourself, your Instagram account handle, why you enjoy this recipe, what time of year it’s typically made (if significant), or if it’s a special recipe that’s been passed down through generations. You will then send it off in the mail to who you’ve been assigned to (included in an email from me) and they will send a recipe to you. Did you know there are participants this month that span from Alaska to Florida?!

At the end of the month I will ask if anyone wants to “opt out” of the exchange. If there is a majority of people who want to continue the exchange for the month of March, I will email those participating with a new name and address. Be sure to use and follow the hashtag #farmhousestorytellerrecipeexchange to connect with our community and invite your friends to join in March!

Can’t wait to see you in my inbox!

What I’m reading

How do you begin your mornings? I’ll be honest, for the longest time I started each day with a morning devotion and somehow found away from that important part of my routine. I have found my days aren’t as smooth, I find myself feeling a bit disheveled and less focused. But recently I began reading Sharon Collins devotional, Becoming His Masterpiece, and have found that it’s exactly what I needed, I needed a devotional that would help me dig in a bit more to scripture and reflect in ways I’ve never have.

What I really love about her devotional is that as a sixty-seven-year-old grandmother with five months of painting experience she leaned into something that is now a beautiful collection of her art and the profound spiritual lessons God has taught her as a painter and writer.

She thinks of her devotionals as conversations with her readers, confiding the joys and blessings as well as failures and struggles along the path to becoming God’s masterpiece. Sharon writes with energy and refreshing candor.  I just know you are going to connect to this devotional in a deeper way you maybe haven’t with others. 

I hope you will grab a copy here or enter the giveaway here to try and win a free copy!

More about the book. Becoming His Masterpiece: Reflect and Pray Edition is a feast for the eyes and food for the soul. This unique devotional book pairs stunning abstract art with Christian devotionals providing readers with encouragement and spiritual sustenance along the lifelong discipleship journey. Author/artist, Sharon Collins shares the profound spiritual lessons God is teaching her as a painter and writer. She thinks of her devotionals as conversations with her readers, confiding the joys and blessings as well as failures and struggles along the path to becoming God’s masterpiece. Sharon writes with energy and refreshing candor. Her vivid paintings reflect the beauty, love, and grace that a relationship with Jesus Christ brings to believers. This Reflect and Pray Edition includes not only new arrangements of the same fifty-two devotional/painting pairings from Sharon’s original devotional book, Becoming His Masterpiece, but also the opportunity for readers to dig deeper into each devotional with thought-provoking questions and space for journaling.

Something to Consider

Grounded in the Middle podcast- Rewind.

If you’re on the go this week, you can catch up on last season’s Grounded in the Middle podcast episodes before season 3 launches next week!

New This Season. I will begin with a four week focus on YOU and your story. I’ll share a bit of what I have learned about why it’s important we take time to reflect on how we’ve been shaped over the years and how to move forward with or without some of the anchors that have been holding us in place.

Learning From Others. Grounded in the Middle.

We not only can learn from our own personal story, but we can also learn by listening to someone else's story. Get ready to be inspired by Oliver Asher, author of Invincible Joy! Listen in today to learn more about how over time he was transformed by the Lord. "I spent my childhood in poverty, my house burned down (twice), I've spent days wondering where my next meal would come from. I once dreamed that I was going to lose my job, then found out the next day that dream was coming true. In the midst of it all, God was there with me. Through those experiences I learned the secret to joy that doesn’t fade and doesn’t depend on circumstances. That’s Invincible Joy." -Oliver Asher Ways to connect with Oliver + purchase Invisible Joy: https://www.oliverasher.com http://www.advancingnativemissions.com @OliverAsherOfficial 
  1. Learning From Others.
  2. What's Your Story Part 4
  3. What's Your Story? Part 3
  4. What's Your Story? Part 2
  5. What's Your Story? Part 1

Farmhouse Storyteller Playlist

If you’d like to tune in to what I’m listening to out here in the middle, you can join me on Spotify where I have a playlist titled, Farmhouse Storyteller. You can easily find the station by directly clicking play to the right or searching for Farmhouse Storyteller on the Spotify app.

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