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This past Friday I took the day and went to Cambridge City, Indiana. I love this town because it’s not only beautiful and full of history, being on what was known as the National Road, but also because it’s downtown charming and the streets are lined with small cafes and antique stores. It is the perfect place for me to step away into a little bit bigger town but still avoiding busy roads and a bustling big city.

It was in the last antique store I went into where I found something unexpectantly intriguing. I typically never spend much time looking in the tall glass cases with trinkets and what nots, however, before leaving I perused through and is where I stumbled upon a stack of envelopes tied with a ribbon. Had they not been locked behind the glass I would have picked them up and thumbed through them, but instead passed by. As I turned away from the cases to start to head out, I walked along the last wall I hadn’t scoured and saw a scrapbook opened to pages with Valentines glued down. It was marked “turn of the century scrapbook.” As I carefully peeked at the other pages I knew, as a keeper of keepsakes and scrapbooks myself, I had to have it.

I spoke with the clerk about the book, and I learned that the book had just been brought in. He thought it was interesting how the owner, Clara Bell Kendall, used an old notebook from her time at Earlham College as her scrapbook, noting how resourceful she was. He went on to mention that there was a stack of letters that came in and he pointed to the glass case I’d been looking at and I knew I had to keep the collections together. Altogether, there is a lot of interesting things I want to share with you. But with-it being Valentines’ s Day, I’ll begin by sharing a letter dated February 13, 1899, that is written to Clara from her brother Elmer as well as some of the Valentine cards she received from when she was a teacher.

I hope you will enjoy not only reading the letter and Valentines, but that you will appreciate the penmanship and stories conveyed in this letter as well as the relationship between the siblings whose lives came long before us in a much different era than the one, we live in today. I’d love to hear what you think of the letter so feel free to respond directly to this email.

Next week I will share even more about the life of Clara Bell Kendall, including a couple of photographs and a surprising find folded up inside one of the letters!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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