Be On Guard This Spring


I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Per the usual, Mother Nature decided to give us the gift of snow as we approach the first day of spring or maybe it was her way of ensuring we appreciate the warm weather we are supposed to receive later this week. I’m not sure about you, but when warmer weather arrives, I’m quick to forget the temps in the 20’s and the snow on our cheeks and wish for every day to get warmer.

Each season seems to bring ‘peaks and pits,’ if you will, and one thing that is constantly on my mind during the warmer months is the question of when I will find myself covered in poison ivy. Ever since moving out here to the middle, I have spent every summer with my arms and hands covered in something and I have even had to have medicine called in because it was bad. The mere thought of the lingering irritation and the heat of a hot summer’s day makes me dread a season I’ve come to really love.

But this year I’m hoping to put an end to the itch.

Farmers Defense sent me a couple of pairs of their Farming Sleeves as well as their Farm and Trim Apron and I am over the moon excited at the thought of finally having a layer between not only me and the poison ivy but also the sun. Curious about Farmer Defense and their Products? Here are some quick details about the Farming Sleeves and Apron but do check out their other products!

  • Farmers Defense Farming Sleeves
    • Farmers Defense sleeves are made from REPREVE® eco-dynamic fabric, made from recycled materials, with moisture-wicking qualities that keep you cool and dry.
    • Great for farming, gardening, landscaping
    • Farmers Sleeves offer irritated skin and sunburns in the garden
    • Our sleeves offer cooling comfort and protection against the elements outdoors, UPF 50+ protection against harmful UV rays, protection against skin allergens and scratches.
    • The sleeves are a great alternative to thick clothing
      • Material:
    • Packaging
      • Eco-friendly, minimal packaging made from recycled materials
  • Farmers Defense Gardening Apron
    • Our Farmers Apron is designed for trimming, gardening, and any other plant tending work.
    • With its lightweight, waterproof, and stick-resistant fabric design and multiple pockets, including a dedicated canvas pocket for your trimming shears, this apron will be your best friend in the garden.
    • Foldable design to wear as a utility waist belt and protector
    • Quick-release durable clips. No tie required
    • Lightweight, waterproof and stick-resistant.
    • Trimming shear canvas lined pocket
      • Materials 100% nylon
    • Packaging
      • Eco-friendly, minimal packaging made from recycled materials

Check out my video below as well as the details of how you can guard your skin this spring, summer, and even fall.Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. I truly think you’ll enjoy this treat for yourself and your skin will thank you!



Grounded in the Middle Podcast

As a follow up to the 4 part series, What’s Your Story, I’m resharing an interview I did with Oliver Asher because we not only can learn from our own personal story, but we can also learn by listening to someone else’s story.

Get ready to be inspired by Oliver Asher, author of Invincible Joy! Listen in today to learn more about how over time he was transformed by the Lord. “I spent my childhood in poverty, my house burned down (twice), I’ve spent days wondering where my next meal would come from. I once dreamed that I was going to lose my job, then found out the next day that dream was coming true. In the midst of it all, God was there with me. Through those experiences I learned the secret to joy that doesn’t fade and doesn’t depend on circumstances. That’s Invincible Joy.” -Oliver Asher

Welcome to the middle! Grounded in the Middle.

A quick introduction to what to expect on Grounded in the Middle. — Send in a voice message:
  1. Welcome to the middle!
  2. Straddling the seasons

Farmhouse Storyteller Playlist

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Inspiration behind the exchange. Gathering around the table with those we love offers us the unique opportunity to share of those who came long before us through preparing recipes that have been passed down from family members from one generation to the next. I want to invite you to the table and have you share a family recipe + brief story, if there perhaps is one, through the Farmhouse Storyteller Recipe Exchange.

How the recipe exchange works. You will choose a recipe of your choice. I encourage you to neatly handwrite your recipe (like the old days) and a note to say hello and share about the recipe you are sending. The note you include could share about yourself, your Instagram account handle, why you enjoy this recipe, what time of year it’s typically made (if significant), or if it’s a special recipe that’s been passed down through generations. You will then send it off in the mail to who you’ve been assigned to (included in an email from me) and they will send a recipe to you. Did you know there are participants this month that span from Alaska to Florida?!

At the end of the month, I will ask if anyone wants to “opt out” of the exchange. If there is a majority of people who want to continue the exchange for the month of March, I will email those participating with a new name and address. Be sure to use and follow the hashtag #farmhousestorytellerrecipeexchange to connect with our community and invite your friends to join in March!

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