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When is the last time you looked up during one of your busiest days? It is so easy for a day to come and go in a blink but when days turn into a week and then into a month, it may just be time for you to stop and look up.

Taking breaks and being mindful, even during busy days, are important in helping ourselves maintain well-being and productivity. By taking a moment to pause and look up from daily tasks, especially during hectic times, it will help reduce stress, gain perspective, and see the world around us in new and meaningful ways. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It provides a fresh perspective: When we break away from our daily routines, we get a chance to see things from a different angle. We might notice things we hadn’t seen before or gain a new appreciation for things we took for granted.
  2. It fosters creativity: When we’re not stuck in our usual routine, we’re more likely to engage our brains in creative thinking. This can lead to new ideas, insights, and inspirations that we might not have had otherwise.
  3. It helps us recharge: Taking a break from our usual routine can help us recharge our batteries, both physically and mentally. This can help us come back to our everyday lives feeling refreshed and energized.
  4. It offers new experiences: Stepping outside of our usual routine can open us up to new experiences and adventures. We might try new foods, explore new places, or meet new people. These experiences can broaden our horizons and enrich our lives.
  5. It can improve our overall well-being: Studies have shown that taking breaks and engaging in leisure activities can have positive effects on our mental health, reducing stress and improving our mood.
  6. Gaining perspective: Looking up can give us a different perspective on the world around us. It can help us see things from a new angle and gain a deeper understanding of our surroundings.
  7. Overall, looking up can help us connect with the world around us and appreciate the beauty and complexity of our environment. It can also help us gain a new perspective on our lives and inspire us to explore and discover new things.

Overall, taking time away from our everyday routines can help us live more fully and see the world around us in new and exciting ways. Whether it’s a brief break or a longer vacation, taking time for ourselves is an important part of living a healthy and fulfilling life.


Grounded in the Middle Podcast

This week on the podcast, I am joined with Amy Sullivan who is a singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada and just like you, she has a story.

As a follow up to the “What’s Your Story?” series, I thought Amy’s story would be a perfect example of turning pain into purpose and using it for a greater good.

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You can connect with Amy by clicking on the following:




Emily Mullen-Mullen Dairy and Creamery Grounded in the Middle.

In this podcast episode, we meet Emily Mullen, a 24-year-old who has taken the reins of her family's dairy farm in Butler County, Ohio. Against initial discouragement, Emily transformed the aging farm into a modern facility where they now not only bottle their own milk but also produce milk-based soaps and lotions. Emily's journey hasn't been without challenges, but she's determined to follow her calling. Growing up on the farm, she was discouraged from pursuing farming as a career by her father, Tim Mullen, who wanted her to have an easier life. Despite this, Emily realized the knowledge gap about food systems and agriculture between her and her peers and decided to take action. She began public speaking through her local FFA chapter and started seeing herself as an authority in the field, setting her sights on the future of the family farm. Recently, Emily moved her herd into a new free stall barn with a robotic milker, and she's about to relocate her creamery to a brand-new space. Join us as we explore Emily's inspiring journey from a discouraged farm girl to a passionate advocate for modernizing and revitalizing her family's dairy farm. Follow Emily and her journey on the Mullen Dairy and Creamery farm on Facebook Let's Connect! Email danielle@farmhousestoryteller.com http://www.farmhousestoryteller.com http://www.Instagram.com/farmhousestoryteller
  1. Emily Mullen-Mullen Dairy and Creamery
  2. Brett Ivy-Piney Oaks Homestead

Farmhouse Storyteller Recipe Exchange-Now Worldwide!

If you missed joining this month’s snail mail recipe exchange, no worries! You can simply email me at danielle@farmhousestoryteller.com with your name and mailing address and I will be happy to put you on the list for next month’s exchange.

Inspiration behind the exchange. Gathering around the table with those we love offers us the unique opportunity to share of those who came long before us through preparing recipes that have been passed down from family members from one generation to the next. I want to invite you to the table and have you share a family recipe + brief story, if there perhaps is one, through the Farmhouse Storyteller Recipe Exchange.

How the recipe exchange works. You will choose a recipe of your choice. I encourage you to neatly handwrite your recipe (like the old days) and a note to say hello and share about the recipe you are sending. The note you include could share about yourself, your Instagram account handle, why you enjoy this recipe, what time of year it’s typically made (if significant), or if it’s a special recipe that’s been passed down through generations. You will then send it off in the mail to who you’ve been assigned to (included in an email from me) and they will send a recipe to you. Did you know there are participants this month that span from Alaska to Florida?!

At the end of the month, I will ask if anyone wants to “opt out” of the exchange. If there is a majority of people who want to continue the exchange for the month of March, I will email those participating with a new name and address. Be sure to use and follow the hashtag #farmhousestorytellerrecipeexchange to connect with our community and invite your friends to join in March!

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