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I hope this note finds you well. After sharing last Friday a few of my new favorite things, I realized I hadn’t shared one of my latest projects with you! You can now shop at for items I rely on or use here at the homestead. This first collection was inspired by the ravens I see every day out here in the middle (of nowhere). I remember the first-time ravens really became something I noticed. During my three months stay on bedrest with our twins, a nurse by the name of Deb introduced me to the show The Middle.

I looked forward to watching The Middle each week and was always trying to catch reruns as I was at the mercy of hospital cable tv. At the beginning of the show, you see a road with corn on either side and a raven/crow calls. It wasn’t until five years later when we moved out here to our own “middle” I saw and heard the same call from that tv show. I never understood why this show, or the call stuck with me from that period of time, but now, ten years later I do.

Recently I had been writing down the various birds I saw in a day, and I was looking up the difference in a raven and a crow and it comes down to their size. The larger is a raven and the smaller is a crow. In addition, another link shared that some see the ravens as being a sign of wisdom, resilience, and insight.

For me, a verse from the Bible spoke more to me about the seasons in our lives when we question the days ahead and the outcomes. In Luke 12:24 it says, “Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!”

In this verse, Jesus is encouraging his followers not to worry about their basic needs, such as food and clothing, because God will provide for them just as He provides for the birds of the air. The point is that if God cares for even the lowliest of creatures, then how much more will He care for and provide for His beloved human children. The quote serves as a reminder to have faith in God’s provision and to trust in His plan for our lives.

So, my first collection in the Farmhouse Storyteller Shop is called the Raven Collection. A collection that is simplistic + hopeful for whatever season you may find yourself in. I hope you will take a look around the store and if you see something you’d like use code FSJ10 to save 10%.

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