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I hope this finds you well! This past we had temps in the 80’s and we took full advantage of tackling the first round of weeds, mowing the grass, and tilling up the garden. The garden continues to be a place I find myself learning (also the topic of this week’s podcast!). Every year I try something new, reposition or redirect the plants trying to find where they grow best. This spring I’m teaming up with Petra Tools and I’m trying out their sprayer and garden solutions that will not only help the enrich the soil but will help our plants grow strong throughout the summer. Two things I’ve wanted but was overwhelmed when looking for what to buy at the big box stores.

Below you will find an unboxing video you can view but if you don’t have time here is a quick intro into this family-owned American company!

Versatile and dependable sprayers, foggers, lawn and solutions are what we are known for. But who are we really?

We are a family-owned American company located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. All our products are designed “BUILT ROCK SOLID” with a 100% success guarantee so that you can get professional results with innovative products that work. We love great tools, too! From day one, we’ve aimed to provide industry leading customer service that you can count on.

We are always a call or chat away. We promise to keep listening and improving based on the feedback of the thousands of DIY warriors who trust Petra products to get the job done. This is what differentiates us from the other “big” guys out there.

I hope you will check out Petra Tools, I think you’ll be impressed with the quality of their products and how responsive and friendly they are. Be sure to give them a follow on IG and tell them I sent you!


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