In Remembrance

Remembering Johnny Wehr

Here at the homestead on July 20, 1945, was born a little boy who was named John Leslie Wehr of whom many called “Johnny.” Of all the history I have read and the stories I have heard, John Leslie Wehr is a name that is known to the entire community and is a name that has not been forgotten since his passing in the Vietnam War.  At our local historical society meetings John’s name is mentioned regularly and many times, a somber feeling arrives but is met with memories of playing here in the front yard at the homestead with him and a collective memory of what a kind person he was. Having never met him myself, the stories from locals leave a bit of heartache within me for the community as well as the family as John is still missed very much today.

John entered the Army on July 24, 1968, and passed away in combat on February 9, 1969, in Tay Ninh, South Vietnam. His name can be found on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and is pictured below. In addition, there are articles below where you can read more about John and his accomplishments in addition to being awarded a purple heart, national defense, Vietnam service, and Vietnam campaign medals. John was known as being a nice young man and the most sensitive of the three brothers. He would have been 78 years old this year on July 20th.

As you and I both know, there are thousands of stories like John Leslie Wehr’s. How can you keep their memory alive? I hope this Memorial Day, you will take the opportunity to bring forth the memories of those you know and inquire about the friends and family who served with those you are spending today with.   And as a friendly reminder, as a nation, we can unite for a moment of silence at 3 remembrance for all who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

*A very special thank you to the Wehr family members for sharing their stories, newspaper clippings, and photographs with our family. We’re so grateful!


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