8 Simple Ways to Soak up Summer

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Can you believe June is here? Which means the official start to summer is just a short time away. If you feel like the first days of summer break are already slipping away quickly like I do, I’m here to give you eight ideas to help you savor the season and not break the budget. If there is something I have learned from being an old house steward, it’s that you don’t need a big budget to create meaningful and fulfilling summer experiences. Below, we’ll explore eight simple and cost-effective ways to enjoy summer with your loved ones, leaving you with not only money for back-to-school shopping but unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

  1. Picnic in the Park: Pack a basket full of delicious homemade treats and head to a local park for a leisurely picnic. Encourage everyone to unplug from their devices and engage in conversations, play outdoor games, or simply relax under the shade of a tree. One of my favorite things to do with our kids is lay on our backs and watch the clouds go by. It’s amazing how many things you see in the shapes of the clouds. It’s also an incredible way to release tension and ground yourself in the moment.
  2. Backyard Camping (Our family’s favorite!): Transform your backyard into a camping wonderland. Set up a tent (if you don’t have one ask a friend or neighbor), light a bonfire, and enjoy a night under the stars. Share ghost stories, roast marshmallows, and engage in stargazing. Backyard camping offers the thrill of camping without the need for expensive gear or travel. It’s a fantastic way to bond with family and friends while creating lasting memories.
  1. Explore Local Treasures: Discover hidden gems in your own town or city. Research local parks, museums, historical sites, or community events that offer free or low-cost admission. Take leisurely strolls, learn about the history and culture of your area, or participate in community festivals. Exploring your locality allows you to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of your surroundings while spending quality time with your loved ones.
  2. DIY Water Fun: When the temperature rises, beat the heat with some DIY water fun. Set up a backyard sprinkler, create a homemade slip ‘n slide, or have a water balloon fight. These activities are inexpensive, refreshing, and bound to create endless laughter and joy. Enjoying simple water-based activities together promotes bonding and ensures a memorable summer experience.
  3. Host a Potluck BBQ: Gather your friends and family for a potluck BBQ. Ask each guests to bring a favorite dish to share, ensuring a variety of flavors and reducing the overall cost. Set up games like badminton, volleyball, or a friendly cornhole tournament. The combination of delicious food, laughter, and friendly competition will make your summer gathering a hit while keeping expenses low.
  4. Nature Hiking and Scavenger Hunts: Embark on a nature hike or scavenger hunt. Research nearby trails or parks where you can explore the beauty of nature. Create a scavenger hunt list for the kids or even for adults, challenging them to find specific items or complete fun tasks along the way. This activity is not only cost-effective but also encourages teamwork and a sense of adventure.
  5. Outdoor Movie Night: Set up an outdoor movie night in your backyard or a local park. Borrow or rent a projector and a screen or use a blank wall as your canvas. Choose a family-friendly film, lay out blankets and cushions, and let the movie magic unfold under the night sky. Encourage everyone to bring their favorite snacks, creating a cozy and enjoyable experience for all.
  6. Volunteer Together: Give back to your community while spending quality time with your loved ones. Look for local volunteering opportunities like cleaning up parks, organizing food drives, or assisting at community events. Volunteering not only strengthens bonds but also teaches valuable lessons about compassion and gratitude.

Creating cherished summer memories doesn’t require extravagant vacations or hefty budgets. By embracing simple and cost-effective activities, you can enjoy the warmth of the season and connect with family and friends on a deeper level. Whether it’s a picnic in the park, a backyard camping adventure, or exploring local treasures, these activities will leave you with a sense of fulfillment when you look back at the summer months.

So, embrace the simplicity, cherish the moments, and create lifelong memories with your loved ones this summer.

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