When is the last time you grounded yourself?

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Summer is a magical time of year, brimming with warmth, joy, and a sense of freedom. It’s a season that evokes images of idyllic country living, where simplicity reigns and the simple pleasures take center stage. From the bountiful harvests from the garden to the leisurely activities enjoyed outdoors, summer has a way of captivating our hearts and nourishing our souls.

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If you don’t live in the country, I invite you this summer to venture out to the nearest countryside. Put the windows down, take in the fresh air, warm sun, and views that surround you. For me, watching and listening to nature have become my way of taking a moment of finding a moment of pause in the busy summer days of running our children to activities, working in the garden, and managing work in between. Can’t get to the country? No worries, did you know there is something called Grounding/Earthing that you can do next time you’re outside?

Earthing is the practice of connecting with the Earth’s natural electrical energy. It involves direct physical contact with the Earth, such as walking barefoot on grass, sand, or soil, or using conductive systems that transfer the Earth’s energy to the body. The Earth carries a negative charge, and when we make direct contact, electrons from the Earth flow into our bodies, potentially providing various health benefits.

Advocates of earthing believe that modern lifestyles, characterized by being indoors and insulated from direct contact with the Earth, can lead to a buildup of positive charges in our bodies. This buildup, they suggest, may contribute to inflammation, pain, stress, and other health issues. By reconnecting with the Earth’s electrical energy, proponents claim that earthing can restore balance, promote relaxation, improve sleep, boost immunity, and reduce inflammation.

While there is anecdotal evidence and some scientific studies suggesting potential benefits, the research on earthing is still in its early stages, and more rigorous studies are needed to establish conclusive evidence. It’s important to note that earthing should not be considered a substitute for conventional medical care but is certainly something worth considering when you’re feeling the need to reduce stress or the need to slow down when things have gotten busy this summer!

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