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This past week I was sifting through the shelfs of my desk and found on the bottom of a stack a journal I wrote the first year we lived out here in the middle. I flipped through the pages to June of 2018 to see what we had been doing and what we were experiencing during the first summer in the country. It was the first time I had read from one of my personal journals and noticed a change that had occurred in my writing. Page after page it read like an adventure that was filled with research, meeting locals, inviting others to our new home from both our past and present, and lots of hard work.

At the end of the first year of journaling, I stopped accounting for the monthly or daily happenings. I then began writing a yearly report of what had occurred. Part of me wishes I would have continued the journalling on a more regular basis but realized I have been sharing and documenting through Farmhouse Storyteller Journal and through social media. But I’ll be honest, there is something about sitting down with pen to paper that seems to reach me in a deeper place. Where intention and gratitude are found, and self-discovery occurs reaching the light that lives within us all.

I know journaling might seem a bit old fashion, but did you know it is said to increases activity in the brain’s motor cortex, similar to when practicing meditation? I invite you this week to grab a favorite pen and download my FREE thirty-one-day five-minute journal-take a peek inside below. In it I share prompts as well as the benefits of journaling. It will be an easy way to not only remember your favorite parts of summer but also help you engage in in a little self-care and capture parts of your life’s story.


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