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When is the last time you set out on an adventure just by yourself? This week I’m headed to North Carolina for a conference, and I’ll be hitting the road bright and early Wednesday. Something I have never done by myself before and made possible by my sweet husband and mom.

In this season, I find myself feeling like I’m no longer standing at the intersection of paths that could be taken. I have started down a road that is calling me away from where I was and beginning to reveal what has been in the making all along. And I have to say I am not even afraid or one-bit leery. I feel ready to set out, taking big steps, and knowing God will be there along the way.

If perhaps you find yourself in a waiting place where you are unsure of which route to take, I promise in good time and when you are ready, you’ll know which path to take. If you are someone who faith guides your steps, take time with God throughout your day and trust He has a plan that is better than anything you could imagine. If you’re interested in checking out a new Student Life Study Bible, The New Living Translation ensures a clear and accurate reading experience, making the Bible accessible to readers of all levels. Whether you’re a student, seeker, or devoted believer, this Bible caters to your spiritual journey.

Also, this week I am including another set of Grounded in Gratitude downloadable cards for you this week, if you’d like to have the entire set, you can shop here. It is my hope you will find these cards to not only bring you encouragement each day, but that they can be part of your journey to an even greater tomorrow.

“Your struggle may not mean that you’re losing faith. It may be evidence that you’re fighting for it.”

-Barab Roose.

Grounded in Gratitude-Free downloadable link below.

Grounded in Gratitude: 60 Days of Affirmation Cards (Downloadable)

Grounded in the Middle Podcast -House History!

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This is the final episode in a three part series, where I am sharing the history of our 186-year-old farmhouse as it is rumored to have been a stop on the Underground Railroad. It’s because of this rumor I started researching our home four years ago and wouldn’t you know I uncovered what was once likely a secret of our entire town.

After tuning in, visit these links to see the latest on the homestead’s history in our local county newspaper.

Journal News-Owners unlock history of historic Wehr family homestead in Butler County Photos by Nick Graham/Staff

Journal News Video by Nick Graham/Staff Journal News

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God + Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Grounded in the Middle.

If you need a dose of hope, you're in the right place. This week I'm giving an update on things around the homestead from a beautiful surprise and completed projects. But most importantly an update on how God has been revealing Himself in a really difficult season. Let's Connect Instagram Facebook Farmhouse Storyteller Website Email:
  1. God + Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
  2. Emily Mullen-Mullen Dairy and Creamery

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