Home, Sweet Haven.

Hey there friend,

I just returned from North Carolina, and I must say I realized there truly is a difference between laying your head to rest at a very nice hotel and laying your head to rest at home.

To me home is 186-year-old hardwood floors under my feet when I wake, the crescendo of birds singing outside my window, and honestly coffee in my cozy spot in the bed or on the front porch just tastes better too. I have to be honest with you about something though. I struggled in our previous houses to find what I now know is home. But along with finding a place that you truly connect with, I have found that discovering who you are at your core can make a place feel like home and I don’t find it surprising that such a thing exists because I believe we are all hungry for connection in many corners of our lives.

If home is a place that you have found or maybe it is a place you are looking to improve, I hope you will tune in to this week’s podcast with Jessi Way, The Good Wrench DIYer, who is opening up with listeners as to how she creates peaceful spaces on a budget and with her own two hands. I think that whether you feel you’ve already created home or if you’re just getting started, you’ll learn new ways to be inspired in making your home a haven.

P.S. I wanted to let you know that below are more of the gratitude cards I promised each week this month but also some free lock screens for you that I hope will be encouraging to you.

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Grounded in the Middle Podcast -Jessi Way, The Good Wrench.

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Today I’m joined on the front porch virtually with DIYer Jessie Way or as many know her as The Good Wrench online and on social media. In addition to having a love of design and decor she is a wife, a mother, a dog mom, and an avid DIYer. Having grown up alongside her father who showed her how to build and create with her own two hands and a shop teacher who ignited a spark from within, Jessi hopes to inspire others to tackle projects in their own home. She firmly believes, “If you take care of your home, then your home will take care of you.”

Connect with Jessi on her website, www.thegoodwrenchdiy.com, and on social media @thegoodwrench.

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God + Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Grounded in the Middle.

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